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How it works

How it works

Logging in

Visitors don't have to be logged in to browse our stock, but you need to log in to place an order.

If you are already a customer but can’t remember your login details, you can try to have the details sent out again.
If you are a new customer, you are of course welcome to set up a new customer account.

Customer account

As a logged in customer you can manage your customer details directly on the website.

On the page where you manage your customer details you can also change your password and choose how many items per page you want the database searches to show. If you have a slow Internet connection it might be a good idea to reduce the value, as the many thumbnails take time to load. The default value is 100 items per page.


There are two search forms on the website: “Search stamps” and “Search utensils”. Both can be reached via the menu on the left.

On the form ”Order stamps” you find various fields for finding just the item or topic you are looking for – you can for example search for year, continent, catalogue number and type of item (official stamps, railway stamps, etc.). There is also a field for free text searches, where you can enter a few keywords describing the items you look for - words in the description* or keywords describing the topic.
*) Please note: items from the Nordic countries are currently described in Swedish, philatelic items from other countries are described in English.
Topics are entered with both Swedish and English keywords though.

Please make the search as specific as possible, by using several of the search fields. It's not particularly efficient to enter e.g. “Sweden” or “Germany” for Country without entering any other keywords, since it would return many thousand matches.

When you click the button “Search in database”, the matching posts are returned as a table, with e.g. a thumbnail image of the item when one exists, the number of copies in stock, the description of the item, plus the price in SEK. To order the item, enter the desired quantity and click on the cart icon. The item is then moved to the shopping cart, shown on the right of the browser window.

Shopping cart/checkout

When you're ready to place your order you click on “My shopping cart” in the menu on the left, or the link ”Check out” in the cart on the right of the browser window.
On this page you can remove items from the cart, or change the desired quantity before you actually place the order. Here you can also see any discounts.

The shopping cart remains in Mimir's system even when you log out, so you can return some other time and continue browsing the stock at your own pace, and place the order when you are ready. Enter your desired payment method and delivery method, and click “Order!”. The information is sent to us, and you get an e-mail receipt that we have received the order. You will also have the opportunity to print out your order.

If you have requested to pay by card, you will eventually receive an e-mail message with a link to a website where you can pay your order via a secure, encrypted, connection.


Your order will be processed as soon as possible. Known customers ordering for small totals will have their purchase sent out against an invoice, otherwise you will receive a pro forma invoice.

Payment can be made by card (no additional charges) or to one of Mimir's bank accounts.


We are very interested to hear your opinion on our website and our business. Please send us an e-mail, so we can improve our service!