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About Mimir HB

Mimir HB is owned by Christer Svensson, Alexander Stenberg and Johan Liewendahl. In addition the company currently has one employee: Tord Gustafsson.

Christer Svensson

Tord Gustafsson

This means that there is a strong connection to AB Philea, partially owned by the same owners – this provides strong safety for the customers.

Our company vision is to sell stamps directly over the Internet.

We have a large stock of stamps from the whole world – more than 82 000 singles, sets, booklets, souvenir sheets, mini-sheets and FDCs. The emphasis is on Sweden and the Nordic countries, but we have a lot of other materials to choose from. Most philatelic items are mint hinged/mint never hinged, but we also have a lot of used stamps.


All items offered are normally in good condition with regards to e.g. perforation, centering and gum. If an item on the website has defects, this is mentioned in the description.


We generally accept returns, also due to order mistakes. We offer a money back guarantee.


We are working on adding more and more images for the items on the website. All images are ”sample images”, which means that we show the same image for all items of the same catalogue number, regardless of whether it is used or unused.


The prices are low and vary from 20 to 70 % of the current catalogue value (usually about 40 %).
The prices are adjusted regularly. All prices are in SEK.


We offer certain discounts for most philatelic items. Only a few items are excluded. Excluded items are marked to the right of the price in the listing.

If you purchase at least 5 items eligible for discounts: 5 % on the part of the order above 500 SEK.
If you purchase at least 10 items eligible for discounts: 10 % on the part of the order above 2000 SEK.
If you purchase at least 25 items eligible for discounts: 15 % on the part of the order above 10000 SEK.

Example 1: You buy 7 items at a total sum of 4000 SEK. The discount is 175 SEK (5 % of the difference between 4000 and 500 SEK).
Example 2: You buy 25 items at a total of 11300 SEK. The discount is 195 (15 % of the difference between 11300 and 10000 SEK) + 800 (10 % of the difference between 10000 and 2000 SEK) + 75 (5 % of the difference between 2000 and 500 SEK) = a total discount of 1070 SEK.

Address info

Mimir HB
Svartensgatan 6
SE-116 20  Stockholm

E-mail: stamps@mimir.se
URL: www.mimir.se

Account in Sweden: PlusGiro 87 39 62-5, Nordea Bank 3252 18 08547

IBAN: SE88 3000 000 0325 2180 8547


Phone: INT+46-8-38 13 23
Cell phone: INT+46-73-980 60 03